RPR 12 – Spacefarming Authorities, Galactic Farms’ Jeff & Melissa Pernell

Jeff and Melissa (on the right) with Space Foundation's Rachel English and UpportunityU's Ron Sparkman

Jeff and Melissa (on the right) with Space Foundation’s Rachel English and UpportunityU’s Ron Sparkman

One of the biggest questions for the upcoming Journey To Mars, no matter who it is that’s going, is how will we eat on Mars? How can we modify the Martian regolith so that we can possibly grow crops a la “The Martian”

In today’s episode, we speak with Jeff and Melissa Pernell of Galactic Farms. We discuss their passion project of spacefarming, their award-winning team for agriculture in the Mars City Design contest, their work with HI-SEAS to help feed a Martian crew for a year, where they see spacefarming going in the future, and much more!

Today’s host is Ron Sparkman, creator of UpportunityU.com and project manager with I Love Mars Media.

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