RPR 20 – James L Burk IT Director & MarsVR, The Mars Society

In today’s episode we speak with James L Burk. James is The Mars Society’s IT Director and is heading up their newest project, MarsVR!

In this interview, we discuss the Mars Society’s new VR project, how it differs from the other VR and AR projects out there, the creation of “Crowd Exploration”, photogrammetry mapping for photorealistic VR experiences, the science, citizen-science, STEM, & outreach applications for Mars VR, how MDRS fits in (and a little info on what MDRS is for the uninitiated), their new Kickstarter campaign for the project, and much more!

Check out more of James work at MarsVr.IO and MarsSociety.org

Today’s host is Ron Sparkman, Founder of Stardom (FB, Twitter, & IG: @StardomSpace) and co-creator of I Love Mars (FB, Twitter, & IG: @ILoveMarsFans).

Link to listen to our interview in iTunes: RPR 20 – James L Burk, IT Director & MarsVR, The Mars Society or check it out below.


The show and its contents are presented by The Mars Society and co-produced with I Love Mars Media.

Find out more at: Marssociety.org and www.ILoveMars.info

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