RPR 17 – Cassandra Klos, Commander, MDRS Crew 181

In today’s episode we speak with Cassandra Klos (pronounced Klaus). She is a Boston fine art photographer and for the the past three years has been working on a photography project entitled “Mars on Earth”. It documents current Mars analog and simulation projects, astronaut training, and space exploration sciences. She served on MDRS Crew 155 as artist-in-residence and crew journalist. She returned to MDRS on Crew 181 as Commander.

Find out more from Cassandra on her artist website at www.cassandraklos.com or her Facebook page: Facebook.com/Cassandraklos/

Link to listen to our interview in iTunes: RPR 17 – Cassandra Klos, Commander, MDRS Crew 181.

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Today’s host is Bill Hargenrader, Founder of I Love Mars Media.

The show and its contents are presented by The Mars Society and co-produced with I Love Mars Media.

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Today’s host is Bill Hargenrader, Founder of I Love Mars Media.

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