RPR Episode 2 – Andrew Rader

andrew raderBill Hargenrader, bestselling author of the Mars Journey series, hosts Andrew Rader, SpaceX mission integrator with a PhD from MIT in human long duration spaceflight, and holder of the title of Canada’s Greatest Know-it-All.

Andrew runs New Horizon Games which designs tabletop card games, including ‘Evolve: The Game of Unnatural Selection’, and ‘Politics: Bribes, Scandals, Strife, and Strategy’. He has over 15 years of game design experience with Australian Design Group.

Andrew is also an author (‘Leaving Earth’) and Youtuber with over 4 million views (youtube/AndrewRader). He runs a personal Twitter account (@marsrader), a science account (@weird_sci), and a history account (@weird_hist). Find Andrew on Facebook at Facebook/RaderAndrew.

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