Red Planet Radio is Live!

Red Plante Radio ArtworkRed Planet Radio is Live!

First up in the series are:
RPR 01 – Dr. Robert Zubrin, Founder and President of the Mars Society
RPR 02 – SpaceX Mission Integrator: Andrew Rader
RPR 03 – Physics of SpaceX blogger: Tom Myers
RPR 04 – Lucinda Offer, Executive Director of the Mars Society

There are two ways you can listen to the podcast interview series.

#1: iTunes: Go to the Red Planet Radio page:

Then download, subscribe, listen, rate and review.

This will let you listen from your computer and phone on the go.


#2: Go to the blog post at and listen to the podcast there.

Please help us make Red Planet Radio the #1 Mars focused podcast in the world by downloading, listening to and commenting on the broadcast

Hope you enjoy!

Sharing co-hosting responsibilities for Red Planet Radio on behalf of the Mars Society will be Bill Hargenrader, Founder of Facebook’s popular I Love Mars page, and John King, Mars exploration advocate and entrepreneur.

Suggest a podcast interview by sending Bill Hargenrader and email at

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2 Responses to Red Planet Radio is Live!

  1. Sam says:

    It would be great to have radio broadcasting 24/7 online as a combinations of different episodes and maybe documentary radio programs, etc.
    Maybe the idea for the future..

  2. Andy says:

    These shows are great! Could you please make them available on google play music and tunein? I don’t have itunes and would like to integrate these podcasts with others that I frequently listen to. Thanks for the awesome content! Looking forward to the next episode!

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